Coaching Services


WHAT  IS  A  PROFESSIONAL  LIFE  COACH? As a Professional Life Coach, my vision is to become a trusted mentor who can help you identify, uncover, and overcome those barriers and obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your fullest potential.  My focus is on guiding you on your journey of personal empowerment as you develop and implement effective strategies that will propel you towards accomplishing your goals and celebrating your victories.  In general, as a Life Coach I work with individuals who are motivated to create, pursue, and capture a vision for a change within a variety of lifestyle areas, often including (but not limited to):

  • professional, career, or occupational development
  • educational development
  • social, interpersonal, or relationship skills
  • financial management strategies
  • health and wellness
  • self-defeating or self-destructive emotional / behavioral patterns
  • personal growth and development

WHAT  HAPPENS  IN  A  TYPICAL  COACHING  SESSION? Whether conducted in-person or on-line, every coaching session is different, because it is uniquely designed to embrace the dynamic and constantly evolving nature of your specific goals, priorities, and "destinations".   Based upon the goal(s) that you have established for the session, you and I will work together to create effective action steps, overcome obstacles, explore alternatives, and celebrate successes.  A critical element to maximizing your success and maintaining your motivation in the coaching process involves a "check-in", a weekly text or e-mail in which you provide me with a brief update regarding your progress, barriers, and and necessary revisions of your coaching goals.

HOW  IS  COACHING  DIFFERENT  FROM  THERAPY? Although coaching can be therapeutic, unlike traditional therapy it is not focused on healing an individual's past trauma, providing diagnostic or crisis intervention services, or analyzing the "root causes" of mental health or psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, substance use, or personality disorders.  While therapy often utilizes therapist-directed interventions focused on restoring an individual in a crisis to his or her "baseline" functioning,  coaching emphasizes a "client-driven" approach in order to empower an individual towards maximizing his or her personal strengths and reaching his or her highest potential.  Thus, my role as as Life Coach is not to give you advice, "fix" your problems, or tell you how you should live your life, but rather, as your coach and "co-pilot", my focus is on supporting you as you navigate through a process of self-empowerment in creating your own options and visions for change.

CAN  I  USE  MY  HEALTH  INSURANCE  TO  PAY  FOR  COACHING  SERVICES? Most, if not all,  health insurance companies and managed care plans do not cover any of the costs associated with coaching services.   Because I do not submit claims to insurance companies, clients are expected to assume financial responsibility for the cost of coaching services.   Because I am fully committed to creating a satisfying coaching experience,  I offer client's the option of choosing from several different "coaching packages"  in order to best accomodate to their current needs and circumstances.

IS  THE  COACHING  PROCESS  CONFIDENTIAL? Because I am licensed as a Psychologist in the State of Ohio, I am bound by the laws of confidentiality, even in my work with you as a professional coach.  Thus, any information that you share with me during a coaching session is considered to be "privileged" and legally protected from being disclosed to another third party unless you sign a written consent authorizating such disclosure.   However, being a "mandated reporter", I am required to disclose information to the appropriate authorities, even without your consent, if there is evidence or suspicion of: 1). harm to yourself; 2). harm to another individual; or 3). child abuse.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurobiological disorder impacting both children and adults.  As an ADHD coach, I provide specialized coaching services to individuals and family members who have been impacted by ADHD, most often targeting the core symptoms of the disorder, including (but not limited to):

  • general education about ADHD and the impact on neurobiological, social, behavioral, emotional, and educational / occupational functioning
  • executive functioning strategies (i.e., organization, planning, prioritizing, task initiation, sequencing, transitioning, goal directed behaviors, time management)
  • self-confidence and personal empowerment
  • independent thinking and behavioral patterns
  • impulse control and self-regulation (emotional / behavioral) strategies